Working towards a well-thought-out password policy

The weakest link in the fight against cybercrime remains the end user. This is why we launched Security Awareness Training to test your colleagues on a regular basis. With LastPass, you can prevent another possible danger in your team: unsafely managed passwords  

LastPass Enterprise is a password manager with central management that you can easily deploy in your organisation. Be done with notebooks or Excel files full of confidential login data. The only thing the end user has to remember is one master password and LastPass takes care of all the secure, unique passwords.

When you or your employees want to log in to a website or portal, a match is sought in the LastPass safe. If a password has already been generated, the username and password are automatically filled in. If not, a unique and secure password is generated. Fast, easy and above all safe.

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Als u uw gegevens hier achterlaat kunnen we op korte termijn samen de mogelijkheden van LastPass Enterprise bespreken. Onze expert zal geen vraag onbeantwoord laten. | Lastpass op alle apparaten

A unique password for every website

Recent cyber attacks have shown that users use the same password for various websites. By using the Password Generator this potential danger is tackled. | LastPass Account Sharing

Be done with insecure passwords

Not only your organisation, but your users will also enjoy a safer life. Moreover, there are lots of useful features.

Be done with insecure passwords

Not only your organisation, but your users will also enjoy a safer life. Moreover, there are lots of useful features.


One account that manages all your passwords for all your devices: desktop, laptop or smartphone. This is also useful for Bring Your Own Device.


When employees use the LastPass Password Generator, the passwords will be much stronger than anything they could have chosen themselves.

Share login
data securely

LastPass users can exchange log-in data without the original password being visible to the recipient(s). If the owner changes the password, everyone receives an update automatically.

Two factor

Prevent unauthorized access by generating a temporary, one-off code on the smartphone to supplement the password. | LastPass

Protect your environment from data theft

You can be confident knowing all your employees will be able to deal with their data a lot more safely.

One Management

As an administrator, you have access to the central management platform where users are managed and log files & reports can be viewed.

Link with
Active Directory

New employees are quickly added to the platform. Personnel leaving the company automatically lose access.


Two-factor authentication means you can provide extra security for the personal LastPass safe of your employees.

Part of

Because passwords often provide access to a portal with personal information, a good password policy is an important part of compliance with the GDPR.

Compatible with all devices

Ideal in a BYOD environment | Tablet icon

Tablets & Smartphones


Desktop computers

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