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Trend Micro replaces Symantec EndPoint Protection Cloud

A few months ago, chip manufacturer Broadcom took over Symantec. A blockbuster deal, which was watched with suspicion by many. Now Broadcom announces the discontinue development and support of Symantec EndPoint Protection Cloud to from 2 November 2020. And remarkable decision. But what does that mean for the users?

Symantec EndPoint Protection Cloud was considered the obvious security solution for years. for clients and servers. An intuitive, cloud-based console was used to manage an entire fleet of PCs, Macs, mobile devices and servers. An easy to use and insightful solution, which many companies and organizations relied on.

Trend Micro as a fully-fledged alternative

Trend Micro logo | VanRoey.beHowever, there is no reason to panic. VanRoey.be conducted a thorough investigation into the possible alternatives. Based on the test results Trend Micro the best candidate out there. Trend Micro is definitely not a newcomer. With 30 years of security expertise and a user base of more than 500,000 companies worldwide, they are at the head of the security platoon.

Trend Micro offers two EndPoint Protection formulas on: Basic and Advanced. With the Basic EndPoint Protection you get reliable protection against viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, etc. for all your clients and servers. You get USB device control and firewall functionality, up to five users.

Meet Trend Micro!
In 21 minutes, we'll guide you through the possibilities Trend Micro Worry Free has to offer. Both the Antivirus and the XDR (EDR) part of Trend Micro will be discussed in detail!

Advanced EndPoint Protection with email security and Cloud App Security

The Advanced EndPoint Protection goes up to 250 users and is further complemented by an advanced email security and Cloud App Security. This provides protection against threats within Office 365Google G-suite and numerous Cloud filesharing services.

Through the advanced sandboxing technique 'Deep Discovery' the unknown malware is found. Technologies such as pre-execution machine learning and document exploit detection are at the basis of this application. The solution scans both internal and external mails. Even internal phishing attacks don't stand a chance. This is in contrast to e-mail gateways that are usually limited to external attacks.

With Advanced EndPoint Protection, Trend Micro goes a step further than Symantec.

EndPoint Detection & Response (EDR) are optionally available. This allows you to isolate and repair potentially infected devices even faster.

VanRoey.be supports migration

Symantec Gold Partner | Vanroey.beAs a Symantec Gold Partner, VanRoey.be has been able to provide good service on Symantec EndPoint Protection Cloud for many years. With Trend Micro, we will continue to build on this momentum and ensure a secure IT environment. Naturally, we inform our Symantec customers and support them in their migration to Trend Micro.

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"VanRoey.be conducted a thorough investigation into the possible alternatives. Based on the test results, Trend Micro is the best candidate".

Written by:

Roel Van Looy
Technical Business Manager Networking & Security at VanRoey.be

Roel has been working at VanRoey since 2004 and, as a security evangelist, he can explain very complex matters in a very clear way. He has over 15 years of experience in countless complex environments and numerous certificates that substantiate his knowledge. A heartfelt talk with him is worth its weight in gold.

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