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VanRoey.be visits Directions EMEA in Hamburg

This year, we delegated four Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts to Hamburg during Directions EMEA. This three-day conference focused strongly on the power of data and how digitalisation, automation and modernisation enable SMEs to make even better use of their data. All this with the help of the modern tools like Dynamics 365 Business Central, goose the Microsoft 365 Suite and the famous Power Platform from Microsoft. From now on, everything can be connected to each other, resulting in actionable data and analytics. In short, we are just a few clicks away from a goldmine of information!

Big changes coming

The shift towards digitisation has been going on for quite some time and is increasingly translating into interconnections. Which means that, as an end user, you can increasingly and more easily gain insights into company data.

You can expect these changes:

      • To optimise collaboration with colleagues, Business Central allows companies to assign read rights to certain employees. Which ensures that from now on you can without Business Central licence from Microsoft Teams company data can consult.

    Business Central visible in Microsoft Teams | VanRoey.be

    • You "Actions" tab In Business Central is modernised. Microsoft has bundled related actions in the action bar so that they are no longer available in multiple menus. This is to avoid confusion for users. Long live user-friendly interfaces!

Dynamics 365 Actions bar modernised | VanRoey.be

  • Also 'permissions' got a update. Thus, from now on, you can more easily exclude certain things for a particular user and no longer have to waste time assigning certain rules to user X to get the desired result in terms of rights.
  • Within the 'Finance' section a VAT date field has been added. Super handy!
  • The widely used Continia Expense Management third-party app now also supports OCR. We tested and approved it in-house!
  • You can now also make lists of records - read lists of customers, invoices, sales orders... - simple view and edit in Excel from Business Central. Note the 'edit in Excel' option is not available with all lists, but fortunately it is with most of them.
  • Microsoft is making more performance-related telemetry available, allowing you to closely monitor the performance from customer environments can monitors. You can also expect automated reporting by Power BI. with useful insights.
  • Power Apps-Portals was renamed Power Pages, this from 12 October 2022. Using Microsoft Dataverse, Business Central can be linked to this in just a few clicks. So you have a wealth of information safely at your fingertips.
  • It will become even easier to flows in Business Central make thanks to further integration with Power Automate.

Microsoft Power Platform | VanRoey.be

Finally, Microsoft has also launched a pilot project to further develop Business Central as an Open Source project. Everyone can contribute to this to make the product even better. Top initiative!

This year's Microsoft Directions EMEA event in Hamburg was once again both instructive and inspiring. Definitely worth repeating!

Curious about what new features Business Central has to offer (soon)? Then be sure to check out the 2022 Release Wave 2 Plan OR the visual below showing the new features expected in 2023.

Dynamics 365 Release Wave 1 @ 2023 | VanRoey.be

Are you eager to use Dynamics 365 Business Central? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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"Through mutual connections, we are just a few clicks away from a goldmine of information"

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