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5 reasons to manage your IT through Managed Services

The great added value of Managed Services lies in that first word: Managed. Not just any service is provided, but that service is proactively managed. That means that the service provider is committed to you. He thinks about how best to help you meet the needs of your business. That's a completely different approach than the "you ask, we run" model. You can read how that added value is expressed in concrete terms below.

1. Security

Let's start with a hot topic. Cybercrime has become a real threat for all companies. A breach can have a huge impact on your operational business. However, you can greatly reduce this risk. Many attacks in recent years have exploited weaknesses or leaks in software. And just as often, these leaks had already been plugged by the manufacturer, long before they were abused.

Inside Managed Services is therefore intelligent monitoring and automated patch management centrallyWith this setup, leaks are closed when the software manufacturer has a patch (literally plaster) available and the risk of cryptolockers is significantly reduced. Patching (or sealing leaks) is therefore also considered to be the most important way to avoid infections.

2. Continuity

Managed Services is a continuous service. Instead of large, risky upgrades or ad hoc problem solutions, your IT is continuously monitored, incrementally improved and adapted to changing needs.

Continuous improvement has several advantages. First of all, the minimal impact on operationsIn addition, the change is less abrupt for users, who will be more likely to accept the new methods of working. better user adaptation guarantees a higher return on your investment in Managed Services.

Continuous monitoring of IT systems results without exception in a maximum uptimeThreatening malfunctions are identified in a timely manner and dealt with proactively. You also get a better insight into the operation of your IT systemsthe shortcomings and the areas for improvement. health check A check of the used licenses and warranties might be a nice way to optimize your system. saving Clear documentation and reporting enables you to communicate about this to people in your organisation who have eaten less cheese from IT.

Thanks to VanRoey.be's extensive team, you will be quick helpedRegardless of leave of absence or illness, there's always someone there for you.

Managed Services or IT Outsourcing
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3. Transparency

Transparency focuses on three areas: the IT systems, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the MSP and the implementation of the Managed Services.

Transparency in the IT systems themselves is achieved mainly thanks to continuous monitoring and reporting.

The agreement with the MSP shall be laid down in a clear SLAwith guaranteed appointments, both in terms of services and ratesAn SLA from VanRoey.be ensures that you will be helped within 4 or even 1 hour and that you will never again be faced with financial surprises. In addition, a service manager visits you regularly to discuss all interventions and interventions. He advises you on how to proceed and assists you when serious incidents occur.

The agreement with the MSP (Managed Services Provider) An SLA from VanRoey.be stipulates that you will be helped within 4 or even 1 hour and you will never again face financial surprises.

Once a clear SLA has been drawn up and a relationship of trust exists, you could let the MSP take its course. A good MSP doesn't just let that happen. VanRoey.be makes sure that inform the customer at all times of ongoing actions and that all interventions are documented and communicated in detail.

4. Specialisation

IT is an enormously broad domain with many sub-domainsnetworking, infrastructure, security, office applications, AI, IoT, etc. Even if you would like to manage your IT internally, no one can have in-depth knowledge in all sub-domains. A lot of companies do not have an IT department of their own and why should you? After all, your core business is anything but IT. You can therefore not expect your IT staff to be at home in all markets: they are often generalists with a broad knowledge of the IT landscape. However, matters such as Security, Cloud, Disaster Recovery require a specialised view.

VanRoey.be has with over 200 certified specialists They have years of experience and are available to you 24/7. Knowledge acquisition and assurance are essential for a good MSP, especially with the current MSP. speed of technological progress it's important to be with them. That's impossible for a handful of people. You need a large pool of specialists for that.

5. The war for talent

Companies that do have enough volume to build an IT department internally inevitably come up against the limits of the labour market. There's just too little IT talent availableIt can take a company months, even years, to find and train someone, which is not workable, making your IT expensive, less performing and insecure.

With Managed Services, VanRoey.be not only ensures that you can count on the specialists with the right knowledge, we also make sure that our people fit your needs. corporate cultureIf there is a need for a closer relationship with an all-round IT professional or a specialised profile, VanRoey.be can help you with Managed Staffing recruitment.

With Managed Services you also choose for continuity: you are not dependent on a few people, you are supported by an extensive team.

Managed Services - a value-added solution

IT is increasingly intertwined with the operational side of the business, which means that problems with IT have a greater impact on the business. impact on operations These problems are sometimes grotesque - as in the case of a cyber attack - but most of the time they are rather hidden. Unsynchronized databases, outdated applications, unused licenses, etc. are all things that don't disrupt operations in a conspicuous way, but cause an ever-growing, unnecessary cost.

From this interdependence of IT and operations and from the IT complexity Managed Services have been created, allowing you to relax completely and focus on your core business. It's mainly because of security reasons that you're only entrusting this service to a reliable partner. Managed Services offers absolute added value for your business and ensures that your IT systems are in optimal health, tailored to the needs of your company.

"It is mainly for safety reasons that you only entrust this service to a reliable partner".

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Karin Versmissen
Integration & Management coordinator

Karin has been a familiar face at VanRoey for many years. After HR Director (2010-2020) and Sales & Marketing Director (2020-2022), she is currently Integration & Management Coordinator

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