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Campus Houthalen reopens after renovation: an attractive and sustainable workplace where every employee feels at home!

In January VanRoey and EuroSys joined forces with the ambition of becoming one of the leading ICT players in the Belgian market. In this new chapter of evolution, an extensive renovation of the offices at Centrum-Zuid was at the top of the priority list.

Together with Belisia Interior Concepts, we succeeded in creating an inspiring and modern working environment that encourages cooperation, creativity and productivity among employees. The official reopening was attended by the mayor of Houthalen-Helchteren, Alain Yzermans.

Comfortable hybrid & efficient workplace

Patrick Van Roey Being close to people, even if not everyone is physically together, is an essential element in the revamped setting. This increases employee comfort. Using hybrid technological means also increases efficiency in operation. Areas have also been set up for team meetings, brainstorming sessions and conversations with customers. The well-being of the employees is central. Much attention has therefore been paid to the design of common areas where employees can relax, catch up and recharge their batteries." Thus Pat Van Roey, CEO of VanRoey.

Spaces reflect core values

We immediately note that the environment reflects the core values of VanRoey, starting from a strong FOCUS:

  • Forward: in which VanRoey is constantly committed to evolution, looking ahead and growing in a rapidly changing environment. There is a strong commitment to tools for hybrid working and meeting as well as an inspiring framework that promotes innovative thinking.
  • Open: as we put human interaction at the heart of the design of the spaces. This so that exchange of ideas is central both at the workplace and in the meeting rooms and meeting places.
  • Caring: from the sustainability wood has been used extensively, both in the furniture and in the decoration of the rooms. The sit-stand desks, meeting and relaxation areas contribute to the well-being of employees.
  • United: because the environment really is a unique place to come together and work together, creating extra motivation and making the team even closer.
  • Sharp: since the workplace allows VanRoey as an organisation to stay ahead of the competition and allows employees to keep each other on their toes and make full use of their competences.



Literally & figuratively a lot of focus on 'Focus'


Bringing colleagues together

Mark Lens Als being a team we can achieve a lot if we work together finely. It is like the petrol that turns ordinary employees into top performers in the workplace. With the rearrangement of our Houthalen Campus, we want to encourage this positive teamwork even more. It's important to regularly work and consult with your colleagues, which is extra motivating. In any case, we have done everything possible to make a wonderful workplace for all of us.' Thus Mark Lens, Member of the Board of Directors.

With the reopening of the revamped office, VanRoey takes an important step forward in its commitment to continued growth and success.

"As a team, we can achieve a lot if we work together finely. It's like the petrol that turns ordinary employees into top performers in the workplace. "

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Written by:

Karin Versmissen
Integration & Management coordinator

Karin has been a familiar face at VanRoey for many years. After HR Director (2010-2020) and Sales & Marketing Director (2020-2022), she is currently Integration & Management Coordinator

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