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VanRoey.be "Great Place To Work" certified for second time in a row!

We are proud to say that we -as well as last year- achieved Great Place To Work certification again after a thorough employee survey! Even better: our colleagues scored the organisation even better!

At the end of September, all colleagues were invited to complete the comprehensive and calibrated questionnaire completely anonymous fill in. The Management Team felt this was important as this guarantees honest feedback where people can express themselves completely freely and thus will not mince words.

The result? Our employees rate working at VanRoey.be a whopping 85%, up from last year! To put that in context, an organisation achieves the 'Great Place To Work Certified' label only from a score of 70% or more. We are very proud of this result. It is a tribute to all employees who give their best every day.

Kempus standalone XS A number of working points also emerged from last year's survey. We took these to heart and this was clearly appreciated. At the time, everyone was also eagerly looking forward to our new building: Kempus. The progress we have made in moving to this energy-neutral office building is invaluable for the employees.

Questionnaire used in 60 countries with 12 million responses each year

Certified Great Place To Work | VanRoey.beThe Great Place To Work model is a global standard and has been implemented in over 60 countries. The employee survey consists of a questionnaire of 60 statements divided into five categories: honesty, respect, camaraderie, credibility and pride. Some examples of such statements are:

  • The people here are paid fairly for the work they do.
  • When you come to work for this company, you will quickly be put at ease.
  • My work has meaning, it's not just a job.

All employees of VanRoey.be were able to score these statements as well as answer a few open-ended questions.

Some remarkably high scores

Following categories stood out:

  • Hospitality
    New colleagues or those changing positions feel immediately welcome and enter a pleasant environment;
  • Justice
    People are treated equally regardless of age, orientation, origin or gender;
  • Intimacy
    VanRoeyers care about each other, can be themselves and celebrate special events

This is very nice to learn, but certainly does not come as a surprise. People who have ever visited here or had a VanRoeyer know will surely be able to agree on that warm atmosphere. We are also happy to hear that 96% finds that taking time off can always be done when one deems it necessary. That is sometimes puzzling and certainly not an obvious one in the IT sector, but it is a target for us.

Naturally, new areas of concern will emerge

A survey like this one makes us learn what is going on among colleagues. Like last year, the feedback was shared openly in the staff meeting. It is only by naming issues like this that we can resolve them. We will now work hard to address the working points.

And we keep looking...

The organisation continues to grow rapidly, but finding people in this tight labour market remains challenging. Top priority is current employees signify to keep them at VanRoey.be, and then recruit new top employees. We hope that our new Kempus as well as this updated certificate can convince more people to choose us as an employer.


Great Place To Work 2023

Once again, we would like to thank our valuable colleagues for once again participating en masse in the 'GPTW' survey. Fancy joining them? Then feel free to apply spontaneously here:

What position would you like to apply for?
"People who have ever visited here or know a VanRoeyer will surely be able to confirm that warm atmosphere."
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Matthias Sanne
Marketing & design @ VanRoey

Has been working as a marketer, designer, webmaster, copywriter, PowerPoint guru and numerous other things for 15 years. He gets his energy from simplifying complex matters. He tries to do the same in his Techblog PowrUsr.com where he brings handy solutions to challenging problems.

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