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Colleague Lorenz Fleerackers in the spotlight

The Dynamics 365 team within VanRoey.be counts more than 20 employees. One of them is Lorenz Fleerackers. Because the ERP-package of Microsoft can be completely adjusted to the wishes of the customer, Lorenz is specialised in carrying out these adjustments as 'technical consultant'.
We asked Lorenz what his job as Dynamics 365 consultantand working at VanRoey.be mean a lot to him.

How it all started...

Lorenz Fleerackers How did your interest in IT develop Lorenz? "When I was 16 years old, I developed a passion for everything to do with computers. It was therefore a logical step for me to study computer science in higher education. My training at the Thomas More University College in Geel taught me the main principles of IT and I gained my first practical experience during an internship at Janssen Pharmaceutica. In addition, I did holiday work as an IT employee at a smaller company. Both experiences provided me with the necessary basic knowledge for my current job as a technical consultant."

Consultant: a job full of challenges and variation

What do you like most about your job? "IT presents many challenges and it is a rapidly evolving world. IT today is not the IT of five years ago, and it will undoubtedly be completely different in five years' time. As a technical consultant, I work for various customers. The constantly changing world of IT and the versatility of the job make it so challenging for me."

A typical workday

What does a typical workday look like for you? "My working day usually starts with an informal meeting with my colleagues in the office. Among other things, we go over the challenges we will be working on during the day. But also who will be working on which assignment. I don't really have a typical working day because there is so much variation in my job. Sometimes, in one week, I am working on three different assignments for different customers.

For example, I have been working for a fortnight for an SME on an adapted software for stock management. The company already had a software system, which I now have to translate into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central."

Why did you choose VanRoey.be?

Finally, we asked Lorenz to describe VanRoey.be in three words:

  • Certified Great Place To Work | VanRoey.beHorizontal
    "VanRoey.be has a horizontal organisational structure. There are virtually no intermediate management layers here."
  • Helpful/familial
    "Everyone here is also very helpful. For example, if I need information from another department, I just walk up to them and ask my question. I also like to help colleagues in reverse, they just have to send me a message and I'm there for them."
  • Learning opportunities
    "As an employee within VanRoey.be, you get the chance to follow certain refresher courses. As I said earlier, IT is a rapidly evolving world in which further training is an absolute must. If you get these learning opportunities from your employer, then that is only a win-win situation for both yourself and the company."

Are you, like Lorenz, someone who likes variety and challenges?

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"Everyone here is very helpful. If I need information from another department, I just walk up to them. I also like to help colleagues in reverse."

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