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Hospidex IT environment is future-proof again

Every business today relies on IT infrastructure. So does Hospidex, an importer of specialised medical equipment. And EuroSys filled that need with flying colours. The company from Houthalen took Hospidex's IT infrastructure to a new level. "We are now future-proof again," says Francis Gielen, business manager and CFOO of Hospidex.
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In that global business, there is little room for IT failure. "IT infrastructure is paramount to our business model," Gielen explains. "All transactions and distributions go through our IT systems, and if they experience downtime then our business grinds to a halt."

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That is why they carried out a renewal of their server and storage infrastructure this year. "For our company, our customers and our human capital are of course the most important, but after that comes our IT capital. And to optimise the latter, we brought in VanRoey."

Dell Titanium PartnerVanRoey thus did a needs analysis after the previous servers' warranty ended, and based on that advice, they installed a new generation of servers with associated storage. That operation simplified the IT environment, drove up the uptime of data and applications, leaving more room for growth.

That procedure went very smoothly, according to Gielen. "Our employees didn't really notice anything about the whole installation, apart from the fact that the systems ran more smoothly," he says. "As always, this was accompanied by a high level of professionalism from EuroSys. If all our suppliers offered such a service, my life would be much easier", laughs Gielen.

Hospidex Dell Server infrastructure

That new plant will already serve Hospidex for the next five years. "With this kind of installation, you always have to weigh up the cost with the quality of the infrastructure. You can buy the Rolls Royce of the market, but you also have to weigh up whether an ordinary Volkswagen might not be enough. But here we followed the advice of VanRoey, and we are very happy with that."

About Hospidex

Hospidex imports and distributes medical devices from its base in Tienen, and this turns out to be a very global business. "We buy specialised equipment from all over the world, for example from America and Japan, and then sell and distribute it in the Benelux, France and German-speaking Europe," says Gielen. And that didn't hurt them. Founded in 1986, the company now employs about 50 people and brings in 25 million euros in turnover.

"Our employees didn't really notice anything from the whole installation, other than that the systems ran more smoothly. As always, this was accompanied by a high level of professionalism from VanRoey. If all our suppliers offered such a service, my life would be much easier!"
Francis Gielen
CFOO and business manager
Francis Gielen

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