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RTC Antwerp pioneers mobile training in state-of-the-art mobile home

In its mission to be the link between companies and education, RTC Antwerp came up with the idea of organising mobile training courses. For this pioneering project entitled 'Innovative Car(e)', it called on the expertise of VanRoey.
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New dimension in Care Education

A mobile high-tech movement space. That was RTC Antwerp's bright idea at the request of its client VDAB. Cas Vervaeren, Technical Director at RTC, sought and found in VanRoey a partner with both the technical expertise and the vision to develop this innovative concept - under the name 'Innovative Car(e)' - to be realised.

Tailor-made mobile training courses

In collaboration with VDAB, the specially equipped mobilehome was fitted with the most advanced technological equipment and can soon be used to facilitate remote medical training. "Through this project, we want to offer (future) healthcare professionals a unique learning experience, precisely tailored to their needs and regardless of location," clarifies RTC Director Cas Vervaeren.

Innovative learning environment

Innovative Car(e) is decorated like a minimalist living room, but equipped with advanced technological tools. The project consists of two main components: the mobile unit itself and the didactic materials provided through a teaching platform. "The challenge lay in creating a flexible & innovative learning environment that maximises both the experience and knowledge acquisition of healthcare technologies" Cas tells us. HP ProBook 450 G10

VanRoey provided essential hardware, including a Wolf Pro-protected HP ProBook 450 G10 to interactively learn about the latest healthcare technologies and how to apply them in realistic scenarios. Think fictional medical procedures, while an instructor can follow everything remotely.

The collaboration between RTC Antwerp and VanRoey includes not only basic facilities such as laptops and tablets, an interactive screen and network solutions were also installed. Connectivity via 4G ensures that the unit can be deployed anywhere in Flanders.

Breakthrough in healthcare education

'Innovative Car(e)' enables RTC Antwerp to offer a hands-on learning experience, allowing students and professionals to interact directly with the latest technologies in healthcare. The project not only changes the way education is offered, it also improves the accessibility and effectiveness of healthcare education.

Cas Verschaeren emphasises the impact of this collaboration between VDAB and RTC: "Thanks to VanRoey's technological support, we were able to realise this mobile training unit and can now offer healthcare education in an innovative way. This collaboration illustrates the power of innovation and the importance of practical and accessible education."

About RTC Antwerp

RTC, in full Regional Technology Centre, is an organisation dedicated to connecting education with the labour market. They facilitate the equipment and organisation of training courses and projects relevant to both educational institutions and companies. The aim of these RTCs is to support and increase knowledge among 2nd & 3rd grade teachers & students. Each Flemish province has its own RTC.

"With Innovative Car(e), we want to offer (future) healthcare professionals a unique learning experience, precisely tailored to their needs and regardless of location"
Cas Vervaeren
Technical director at RTC Antwerp

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