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How we turned every class at SJB College into a modern IT classroom.

A modern school can no longer do without a stable and secure IT infrastructure. VanRoey.be helped Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege in Mol to achieve this.
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Each room becomes an IT room, with stable WIFI.

ICT coordinator Walter Baeckelmans has also seen the importance of ICT in education grow: "After all, a teacher can no longer do without all these technologies. We are called up at the slightest problem: a lesson without a computer, internet, projector or printer has simply become unthinkable," VanRoey.be was consulted for the first time because more and more devices had to be able to connect to the internet. Ruckus LogoAfter some exploratory talks with Bram Smets, Sales Manager Education at VanRoey.be, a thorough WiFi analysis was carried out. Ruckus access points were provided throughout the school in order to offer students and teachers a stable internet connection.

Each student has his own laptop

Because ICT applications are an integral part of our daily lives, on 1 September 2017 the school started the ELVIS project, A Laptop for Every SJB member. ELVIS means that all pupils in the school will use their own laptop from the age of four, and by repeating this every school year, all fourth, fifth and sixth year students will use their own laptop at school within two years. Guy Geerinckx explains: "We understand that this project requires a serious financial effort on the part of parents, but given the importance of ICT integration, this was for the benefit of parents.

ELVIS demands security

After consultation, it was decided to work out a security plan in phases: "We couldn't do everything at once", explains Guy, "As a school, we have a limited operating budget. Unfortunately, the government does not provide any budgets or subsidies for investments in IT infrastructure, so we had to make choices".

Fortinet Platinum Partner and Partner of Excellence

Walter proudly tells us: "Because we have to combine our job with a job as a teacher, it is impossible for us to acquire the same knowledge as the specialists at VanRoey.be. A specialist technician came to us every step of the way. We need to know a lot about everything".

"Charmed by approach and communication"

Both parties can look back on a successful collaboration: Guy Geerinckx: "I am enormously charmed by the way in which both projects were approached and how VanRoey.be communicates with us. We always received a complete quotation, accompanied by a bundle of information, and we always receive a clear answer to our questions and agreements are met," Walter Baeckelmans agrees: "Nothing can be said about the collaboration, and VanRoey.be's approach to these projects is very professional. Bram is a cooperative account manager with knowledge of education.

About Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege Mol

Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege is a household name in Mol and the surrounding area and is known for the quality of its - mainly ASO - training courses and for its care tailored to the needs of each pupil, although the latter himself sometimes speaks of a 'stricter' school, the acquired values and attitudes, such as treating each other respectfully and keeping to the agreements made, often help them to move forward later on. The SJB College has realised a number of leading projects in recent years in the field of digitisation and modernisation of the lessons, and the school has chosen VanRoey.be as a supporting partner in realising the realisation of these projects.

We realize that it is therefore impossible to acquire the same knowledge as the specialists at VanRoey.be”
Walter Baeckelmans
ICT coordinator SJB College Mol
Walter Baeckelmans Sin-Jan Berchmanscollege Mol

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