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Donate your laptops and turn hardware into Heartware

Proud of project Heartware! An initiative of OVWB, Telenet and Link in de Kabel. Mark Lens, owner of EuroSys and chairman of Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium, together with his colleagues and partner organisations, launched a heartwarming project through which they want to give every family the same digital opportunities.

Thousands of households in Belgium today do not yet enjoy the digital capabilities that can make life so much easier. The corona crisis has made us realise even harder that owning digital assets is not a luxury for anyone.

Project Heartware aims to collect around 25,000 laptops each year and make them completely ready for a new life with vulnerable families. There is a meticulously worked-out system behind this, so 500 laptops can be processed each day. The laptops are fully refurbished, equipped with a new Windows and anti-virus software and presented in a handy carrying case, including a computer mouse. This way, underprivileged parents and children can also enjoy the benefits of digital tools at home, for work and school.

The cooperating partners each join forces to provide families with digital resources and support them in using them. For example, OVWB takes care of the collection and preparation of the laptops for use. Link in the Cable uses its knowledge and experience to provide digital assistance to vulnerable families. They will also transfer this knowledge to social organisations responsible for distributing the laptops to households. This way, these organisations can support underprivileged families in using the internet safely and responsibly. Telenet in turn ensures that the vulnerable groups can enjoy internet options at an affordable price. For just 5 euros a month, they get access to the basic internet and for just 10 euros a month, they can use the internet more intensively.

Heartware is a wonderful initiative that calls for a lot of collaboration, where you too can do your bit. Do you still have old, working laptops at home or at work? Then bring them in to one of OVWB's collection points so that your laptop can make a vulnerable family happy!

For more info on donating the laptops, please refer to the website of OVWB.

"This way, underprivileged parents and children can also enjoy the benefits of digital tools at home, for work and school."

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