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Escape Game within Microsoft teams enables virtual teambuildings

We live in the year 2038. All the money has been digitized. People manage their finances in The Wallet. Suddenly no one has access to their crypto coins. There's complete chaos..” This is how the Microsoft Teams Escape game. As a participant, you and your team have to find the hackers. For this you work - of course - in Microsoft Teams.

Escape Rooms are very popular. Especially with companies. It ensures that employees get to know each other in a different way. Because of the reduced physical contact, the importance of teambuilding is all the more important. The Microsoft Teams Escape Game meets this need perfectly.

Moreover, participants learn to work better with Microsoft Teams in a playful manner. Anyone who thinks they know all the secrets with video calls and chat is wrong. During this virtual team building Learn to navigate between different channels and groups, communicate via the chat function and have participants have online meetings. You also need to share documents and discover integrated applications such as OneNote and Planner.

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"Due to the reduced physical contact, the importance of (virtual) team building is all the greater."

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