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EuroSys presents five awards at Business2Beach 2022

After a 2-year break, ICT specialist EuroSys Business from Houthalen once again organised its Business2Beach (B2B) networking event on 9 June 2022. Besides the fascinating info sessions, top entertainment and delicious food, EuroSys also continued the tradition of honouring some customers with an award. The lucky ones this year were Encon, Tectum, Jaga, Vlinvesta and SyntraPXL.

Besides the recurring Loyalty, Solutions and Education Award, two new awards were introduced this year: the Sustainability Award and the Customer of the Year Award. EuroSys looks at its own focal points for the categories of the awards and in this way rewards customers who are in the same league.

Sustainability Award

As EuroSys is hugely committed to sustainability, a Sustainability Award could not be missing from this list. The first winner of this award was Encon. EuroSys chose Encon because it values sustainability and sustainable business. Not only are they authentic and sincere in this, they also support other companies in it.

Pieter-Jan Loyens, Sales Manager of Encon: "We are extremely honoured to have won this award. This was only made possible thanks to the hard work of our employees over the past 20 years. This framing and also the importance EuroSys gives to the award is of course something we encourage enormously. That sustainability is put in the spotlight like this. Because the more companies we can inspire, the more impact we can really make!"

Loyalty Award

Those chosen for the Loyalty Award were Tectum Group. After years of cooperation, it was put on pause for a while, but for a year now EuroSys can count this topper among its customers again. This trust is now rewarded with a nice award.

Yves Biesmans, Managing Director at Tectum Group: "It is of course always nice to win an award. I would like to dedicate this one to the people who put their heart and soul into it every day, namely the people in our IT department."

Solutions Award

For the Solutions Award, EuroSys chose a company that not only buys a nice package of products and services, but also actively involves them and helps them look for solutions. This is how JAGA, manufacturer of cooling and heating equipment, as the winner of this award.

Robby Hagelsteens, Controlling and IT Manager at JAGA: "We are very happy with the award and we would like to thank EuroSys and WatchGuard very much for giving us the award. It is a great crowning achievement of a good cooperation."

Customer of the Year Award

Another newcomer to the list is the Customer of the Year award. With this award, EuroSys wants to honour a customer who means a lot to them. The choice for this award was Vlinvesta, a dynamic entrepreneurial company that stands out for giving opportunities, collaborations and solid growth. Together with EuroSys, they ensure that their ICT can support these dynamics.

Bart Valckx, Managing Director of Duraconnect (part of Vlinvesta), said: "We are very grateful for this award. As a growing dynamic company, it is kind of nice to be on the list of winners now among the bigger companies. We will continue along the path we have taken and hope that EuroSys can definitely follow it up."

Education Award

This year's Education Award went to SyntraPXL. This atypical 'school' focuses on lifelong learning and has campuses all over Limburg. EuroSys has been working with this training centre since the early days and year after year they achieve great results together.

Niels Smets, IT manager at SyntraPXL: "Winning this award was quite unexpected for us. SyntraPXL invests a lot in IT to be able to offer high-quality and innovative training courses, so this award is very nice to receive. Many thanks to EuroSys, not only for the award, but also for organising the event."


For Business2Beach, EuroSys headed to Beachclub Degreez in Panheel, the Netherlands, for the fourth time. The day opened with an informative lecture by Tim Verheyden on disinformation and fake news. During the event, customers and prospects were able to follow information sessions by interesting speakers and have a chat with suppliers and EuroSys employees. The sessions ended with a show by comedian Jeroen Verdick. Afterwards, customers could enjoy live cooking and cocktails. At the end of the evening, the awards were then presented.

"Robby Hagelsteens, Controlling and IT Manager at JAGA: "We are very happy with the award and we would like to thank EuroSys and WatchGuard very much for giving us the award. It is a great crowning achievement of a good cooperation."

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