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Infrastructure as a Service with VanRoey Private Cloud

Why should you still invest in your own data centre? It is a question that is asked more and more often. It can certainly have advantages, but it requires heavy investments of which you can never be sure that they will always be used optimally. You either buy too much or too little. Never 'just enough'. During the corona crisis, many data centres were turning their fingers. In addition, you have to deal with licensing costs, energy costs, space supply, cooling, maintenance, technical knowledge requirements. Finally, think about backups and disaster recovery... In short: think before you start.

The alternative is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). VanRoey.be has been a pioneer of Microsoft Azure to relieve or partially replace data centers. The Outsourcing your data center offers many advantagesYou go from a heavy investment to a predictable monthly cost, you can immediately scale according to your needs and you are relieved of all forms of maintenance and uptime guarantees.

It seems an obvious choice, but there are also reasons that can prevent you from opting for the public cloud. For example, certain data may not leave Belgian or European territory because of GDPR or other legal sensitivities. It is also not desirable to upload terabytes of data or restore via the cloud along the Internet line.

VanRoey.be Private Cloud: 100% Belgian data center

HPE Gold Partner Solution Provider | VanRoey.beOur data center is built on state-of-the-art HPE Greenlake architecture and is located in a hypermodern Tier-3 data centre in Diegem. You can start right away with lightning-fast hardware with hundreds of thousands of IOPs and endless memory or storage.

In the end, your organization only pays for what you consume monthly in a pay as you use / pay as you grow model. This way you can be sure that you never pay too much or run out of capacity.

We work with one all-inclusive price and you can rest assured: VanRoey.be takes care of everything. Redundancy, backups, licences, maintenance, energy, cooling, pro-active management and certified support... Everything is recorded in SLAs that go as far as 24/7.

By default we work on shared resources where your data is 100% separated from other customers' data at all times. You also have the option to reserve a Private Server for certain applications. This of course entails a slightly higher cost, but it gives you even more freedom, privacy and performance guarantees.

Pay as you use & grow
Private or Public Cloud, which do you choose best? We show you the different options to outsource your data center by means of a very interesting cost-technical formula.

Optimized for the hybrid model

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.beIf you are interested in joining this formula, we will first examine your requirements together. We look for the ideal configuration, which is rarely pronounced 'cloud-only' or 'on-premise only'. Data centres are preferably hybridbecause both the cloud (in the VanRoey Private Cloud and/or in Azure) as on-premise have their advantages.

Virtual machines in our data centre therefore work seamlessly with your on-premise environment. In addition, you can also choose to run certain VMs or web services in Azure, in addition to VMs in our data center.

In addition to unburdening your data center, we also offer the following services:


Off-site Backup as a Service

Veeam Pro Partner | VanRoey.beYour backup data is safe in a monitored environment on Belgian territory and can be accessed at maximum speed. As mentioned before, we can even physically bring your data to you or the data center using a NAS. This always works faster than having to download or upload large amounts of data.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Mirror your entire environment in the VanRoey Private Cloud. If something goes wrong in your live environment, you can immediately continue on this backup environment. Remember, you only pay for your use of the data center. So it doesn't cost much to keep a mirrored environment on standby.

Our specialists can disaster-recovery environment also regularly for your testsThis is often overlooked in classical environments. But when the need is greatest, you don't want to be confronted with connection problems or unknown error codes.

Maximum certification, maximum peace of mind, maximum durability

The data center is located in the heart of Belgium. So you can be sure that GDPR is in line with the rules and that you will always be helped quickly. Even better is that the data center is located on 100% green power running. The certification is not tender:

  • IBM Tier III certificationThe highest possible degree in Belgium concerns uptime guarantees and redundancy. Until now, there has never even been downtime.
  • The strict BSI standards: sustainability and energy requirements as defined in ISO 14001, data privacy standards within ISO 27001 and guaranteed safe working conditions framed within ISO 45001.
  • Fysical security: It is virtually impossible - even for employees - to get to the machines without express permission. A annual audit by Deloitte ISAE 3000 Type 2 & ISAE 3402 Type 2 security certificates.
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS): This means that companies that process a lot of payment traffic can also outsource carefree.

As an organisation, it is virtually impossible to approach such guarantees, let alone match them.

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"In the end, your organization only pays for what you consume monthly in a pay as you use / pay as you grow model. This way, you can be sure that you never pay too much or run out of capacity".
A 100% Belgian data center optimized for the hybrid model. Discover the advantages for your organization in this webinar!

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