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Pozyx Certified Partner
Pozyx Certified Partner

The Pozyx positioning system tracks goods, pallets, forklifts and personnel in industrial and logistics companies. The RTLS (real-time location system) application works like a GPS system, but based on UWB technology, providing highly accurate positioning data, to within 10cm.

The Pozyx technology is therefore ideally suited to map and optimize goods flows and to increase productivity and improve safety in production and logistics environments.

You can see Pozyx in action in the demo environment in the VanRoey Experience Center or we will schedule an appointment at your site in your business for a Pozyx Kaizen Kit Demo.

To learn more about Pozyx, visit https://www.pozyx.io

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With Pozyx you can optimize production processes, space allocation and goods flows.
In 35 min Samuel Van de Velde, (Founder & CEO) outlines Pozyx. So you'll discover how accurate and useful indoor tracking can be.

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