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Pozyx real-time tracking

hyperaccurate tracking of objects or people... both indoors and outdoors

Pozyx Certified PartnerWith Pozyx you get a real-time location system (RTLS) for indoor tracking using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, with an accuracy of up to 10cm! Optimize your operational efficiency, goods flows and logistics processes

Track each stage of (production) processes in real time
Optimize space utilization and determine routes with heatmaps
Track visitors or employees and analyze/steer into bottlenecks
Where is your precious material?
Accurate warehouse tracking, of either forklifts, pallets or people

Portland State University

How does Pozyx work?

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1. Tags

Handy & compact
Whatever you want to track, the Pozyx tracker never gets in the way. They are small and lightSo you can also attach it to a lanyard.

2. Anchorage Network

Delineating the environment
The trackers are very accurate and can virtually track endless tags. A gateway processes all the data and sends it to the portal

3. Data

Getting started with the portal
Track attendees, forklifts, production processes, livestock movements.... Whatever your industry or purpose; track it with Pozyx!

Optimize operational efficiency, goods flows and logistics processes

Pozyx is easy to install and works much more accurately than RFID, GPS, Wifi or Bluetooth tracking. Ideal for tracking warehouse, production, device movements and people in challenging environments.

Productivity & Safety

Inventory Management

Storage & Warehousing


Pozyx is user-friendly and easy to install and configure.

API Connect

Easy integration and flow of data via APIs and protocols


Easily identify and create action items and trigger automations based on measurements


Robust and foreseen for the most intensive usage scenarios, almost infinitely scalable


Superior RTLS algorithm up to 10 cm accuracy

Frequently asked questions

No. UWB technology transmits very short pulses between 3.5 & 6.5 GHz. The transmission power is limited by regulations and thus very low. So UWB will never interfere with other RF based technologies in the same spectrum.

An RTLS is a real-time location system that processes positioning data to optimize operational efficiency, goods flows and logistics processes.

Pozyx offers a hardware and software solution that provides accurate positioning and motion information for RTLS (real-time location system) based on UWB technology. Pozyx has been in existence since 2015 and has over 12 years of UWB experience. Pozyx adds proven value to industrial applications and guarantees a quick ROI. Pozyx is an active member of standardization initiatives such as Omlox to future-proof solutions.

Pozyx uses ultra-wide band (UWB) technology. UWB is specially designed for sending data packets over a large bandwidth. This makes the signal very robust and makes UWB particularly suitable for ultra-precise positioning (precision up to 10cm).

Pozyx has RTLS customers in over 80 countries and an optimized offering for industrial applications. To determine the added value and ROI in your business, Pozyx will work with VanRoey to get to know your manufacturing or logistics environment and initially identify your issues.

Together we look at how the solution can be implemented and our experts give advice on additional applications you can monetize with RTLS data.

You can see Pozyx in action in the demo environment in our Experience Center or we can schedule an appointment at your facility for a Pozyx Demo.

Do you have any questions about Pozyx, want to see how it works or discuss your business case? 

Count on our experts to optimize your processes!

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Come see how Pozyx works!

Get your digitisation up to speed. In an interactive tour, we show the contemporary possibilities of the modern workplace. So you can experience for yourself how well it works!

In 35 min Samuel Van de Velde, (Founder & CEO) outlines Pozyx. So you'll discover how accurate and useful indoor tracking can be.

What will the future bring? Get an exclusive tour & plenty of inspiring sessions at the revamped Living Tomorrow. It promises to be another great and educational year-end event! See you there?

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