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VanRoey.be Network Security Engineers participate in Fortinet XPERT Summit 2020.

A meeting place for Network Security Engineers

Recently, Fortinet's annual NSE XPERTS Summit was held. This is a big event in which all certified Network Security Engineers can participate. In a Corona-free world, this is an event with lots of hands-on labs and networking possibilities. Given the current circumstances, a virtual event was chosen, but that was no less hands-on and the interaction with other Fortinet NSEs was well facilitated.

NSE Certified

To make it Fortinet In order to obtain the NSE certificate, you have to take a number of exams. In online tests and a hands-on exercise, you will demonstrate your knowledge of numerous security related topics. Of course the Fortinet solutions will be discussed. The NSE certificate proves both a broad, general knowledge of network security as well as an in-depth knowledge of the Fortinet solutions, such as the FortiGate Next Generation Firewall. Three employees of VanRoey.be are NSE certified.

Discover the versatility of
We explain what the Fortinet Security Fabric is, and why it is so important in the current climate of digital transformation. Quickly get to know the homogeneous system that optimizes your security.

Workshops and hands-on labs in a virtual edition

Fortinet had filled a nice agenda for the NSE XPERTS Summit 2020, with workshops and hands-on labs. There were (of course) enough network experts present to make the practical exercises and demos very interactive. Els Bleys, Kevin Sas and Gert Starckx attended several sessions around Fortinet products offered by VanRoey.be in its solutions: FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiSandbox, FortiEMS, FortiAnalyzer, FortiManager and the new FortiEDR.


FortiEDR was highlighted at the NSE XPERTS Summit. It is a new and promising solution from Fortinet for Endpoint Detection & Response. Thanks to the application of machine learning and AI, FortiEDR responds extremely quickly to infections by viruses and malware. Even after an infection, FortiEDR can isolate endpoints very quickly and accurately, in order to prevent further spread of the virus or malware over the network. Very topical themes in times of pandemic...

Gert Starckx, Fortinet NSE Security Engineer at VanRoey.be: "We were able to experience the power of FortiEDR during a hands-on lab. And I was seriously impressed! We made a zero-day virus ourselves, where the hash (e.g. the output) is not yet known by the antivirus package. We could actually see that the FortiEDR could stop it anyway. This is possible because the underlying technology makes it possible to look inside the 'kernel' (the heart of the OS)".

FortiEDR is a product that VanRoey.be as part of the Fortinet Security Fabric will certainly be included in the development of new network security solutions.

Fortinet Security Fabric

Of course there was more than FortiEDR. A complete overview leads us too far here. Remarkable is certainly the further integration of tools in the Fortinet Security Fabric and the far-reaching application of AI, Machine Learning and neural networks.


FortiAI offers a virtual security analystwhich is based on Deep Neural Networks (DNN). This is a highly sophisticated AI, well suited for security applications. FortiAI identifies and classifies malware attacks and blocks them. FortiAI builds on FortiGuard.

FortiSandbox has evolved over the years and remains a central part of Advanced Threat Protection. Some new functions have been added, such as the OT VMs and developments with AI in Sandboxing. As far as FortiMail is concerned, there are interesting new possibilities with regard to connection to Microsoft 365.

With the latest security technology

The NSE XPERT Summit was another unique opportunity for our Nestwerk Security Engineers to polish up their knowledge and stay up to date with recent developments. Especially in the domain of security it is important to be up to date with the latest solutions. Because even the opponents, the hackers, use the most advanced technology.

Fortinet Expert Partner | VanRoey.beWe especially remember the power of the new FortiEDR and lots of new features on the latest firmware versions. Once again we were impressed by the Fortinet solutions. Not only the achievements appeal to the imaginationas well as market relevance. Our recent experience shows that there really is a need for a solution like FortiEDR. We are happy to include it in our security solutions for our customers.

"Thanks to machine learning and AI, FortiEDR responds extremely quickly to new infections. FortiEDR can isolate endpoints very quickly and accurately, to prevent further spread of the virus"
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