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Keep the data hunger of Teams & SharePoint in check

DataMGR LogoDataMGR is an application that gives you insight into the heavy users of your Office 365 environment.
Seize the opportunity and save dramatically on data!

Map out the largest SharePoint/Teams sites & files
Find out which files and sites have been inactive for a long time
Establish a new, more economical retention policy
Built in the versatile Power BI

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Why VanRoey.be DataMGR?


Avoid unnecessary costs
By default you have 1TB storage + 50GB per user on your tenant in SharePoint. DataMGR prevents you from exceeding these limits and having to pay extra.

Limit consumption

Automate tidying
Set how many versions you want to keep track of per file or site & use filters to identify problem cases. Offsite backups are also optimized this way.


Activity of Sites & Files
Which SharePoint and/or Team sites, which files, lists... are (in)active? Which ones take up the most storage?

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Built in Microsoft Power BI

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During this workshop, we will show the potential using live demos and give you tips on how to use Copilot in your daily tasks.

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