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Hyperconverged with HPE Simplivity

Or how simplicity adorns increasingly complex infrastructures... 


HPE Gold Partner Solution Provider | VanRoey.beDiverge and then converge again. It is the success formula par excellence in strategic thinking exercises and brainstorms. Bringing in the wildest ideas and then bringing together the useful things to make it an efficient model. That is also the purpose of hyper-converted IT infrastructures, such as HPE SimpliVityThis... platform brings storage, networking and servers together in one solution. As a result, it offers the benefits of a cloud platform on your local infrastructure: faster, more efficient, more flexible and tailored to your needs and budget.

Insight by Artificial Intelligence

HPE SimpliVity is a highly intelligent Hyper-converged platform. By using AI, it gives you much more insight into the data. This advanced way of monitoring is called HPE InfoSight. This accelerates and simplifies the management of Virtual Machines, backups, restores and large amounts of data. For example, a restore of a 1TB VM takes only 60 seconds! You get insight into the load on your network, capacity of your storage and trends in your data.

From data center to edge

HPE Simplivity | VanRoey.be

HPE SimpliVity is an efficient all-in-one solution for your local data center or edge infrastructure. Its high degree of integration makes it ideal as a complement to a cloud solution in a hybrid setup. As more and more computing power and intelligence shifts to the edge, a hyper-converted solution becomes more valuable. Distributed systems with many edge sites can only work optimally if they can be properly monitored and managed. HPE SimpliVity is the reference when it comes to the convergence of your data center and the edge. Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastrucures' by Gartner for the third year in a row.

"Distributed systems with many edge sites can only work optimally if they can be properly monitored and managed".
Harness the power of Big Data and use HPE InfoSight to proactively detect disruptions in your infrastructure.

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