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Patch your wifi devices against FragAttacks

FragAttacks (fragmentation and aggregation attacks) is a collection of new security vulnerabilities that affect on all WiFi devices. Indeed, all WiFi devices, and there are quite a few of them: computers, smartphones, tablets, but also printers, modern microwave ovens, refrigerators, coffee machines, cameras ... you name it.

With FragAttacks user information stolen and can malware installed become.

Fortunately, this cannot be done remotely. The attacker needs to be within range of the WiFi network that the device is connected to. The attacker also needs to have some knowledge of the subject and be aware of the vulnerabilities of the specific WiFi products.

But there are some, those vulnerabilities! And they affect all modern Wi-Fi security protocols, including the latest WPA3 specification. Even low-end firewalls can't do much against FragAttacks.

Our message: keep track of updates!

Those who do this consistently will most likely not be affected by FragAttacks.

Are you still unsure about the bSecuring your WiFi network? We can quickly check this for you and install the right patches via remote intervention. Make an appointment quickly by sending an email to vulnerabilities@vanroey.be.

"Our team of security and wifi experts can keep you safe from FragAttacks"

Written by:

Matthias Sanne
Marketing & design @ VanRoey

Has been working as a marketer, designer, webmaster, copywriter, PowerPoint guru and numerous other things for 15 years. He gets his energy from simplifying complex matters. He tries to do the same in his Techblog PowrUsr.com where he brings handy solutions to challenging problems.

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