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VanRoey wins Datanews IT Services SMB of the year award!

Thursday, May 30, 2024, ING Arena, Brussels Expo - 
The Knack Data News Awards for Excellence 2024 reward organisations and products in the 13 most important categories in the ICT sector. It is with great pride that VanRoey may call itself IT Services SMB of the Year!

A special edition of the award show, this 25th edition took place in a unique '1999' setting. That year also marked the transition to a new millennium, a time of rapid technological progress, the explosion of the internet as we know it today, and the onset of several other digital revolutions. It was a period of innovation, optimism and a sense of endless possibilities ...

Data News Award with Pat Van Roey and Ella Leyers (Leyla Hesna)

Patrick Van Roey

I am super proud of our fantastic VanRoey team for receiving the Data News 'ICT Services SMB of the Year' Award. A warm thank you to the VanRoey team, customers and partners. Congratulations to you all." states Pat in his Linkedin post. “At Trends, we proved numerically to be by far the best in the industry; so the decision was not just about a feeling among the judges, but was also based on objective figures."


There were 13 categories to hand out prizes in last night. Please quote we Data News itself about this category and award precisely implies: "This award aims to identify IT service providers that have been recognised for the SMEs add value, for example, through service innovation, delivery and security, data management, building loyalty and increasing productivity to digitising workplace...

The jury here is a bit stricter on 'small' players who are mainly a daughter of bigger guys. VanRoey is not. For 30 years, it has managed to offer its services in various domains with the main focus being relieving companies and unburdening them. The company is an SME for SMEs which, moreover, is still run by founder Pat Van Roey

If we translate that into our offer and the mindset of our diligent consultants and engineers, this award is indeed on us.

Of course, we also wish to warmly congratulate all the other winners of the evening on their awards, such as TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) which shared the stage with us and came away with the similar award, but focusing on the 'Enterprise' market.
Voila, and now we go, together with the team, 'party like it's 1999′!

Award: Datanews IT Services SMB of the year

Photos © Leyla Hesna

"I am super proud of our fantastic VanRoey team for receiving the Data News 'ICT Services SMB of the Year' Award. A warm thanks to the VanRoey team, customers and partners. - Pat"
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Matthias Sanne
Marketing & design @ VanRoey

Has been working as a marketer, designer, webmaster, copywriter, PowerPoint guru and numerous other things for 15 years. He gets his energy from simplifying complex matters. He tries to do the same in his Techblog PowrUsr.com where he brings handy solutions to challenging problems.

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