Logo has been helping educational institutions with their ICT and digitalisation for years. From purchase to proper use and management.

This way, you can concentrate on the students and the lessons.

With VanRoey working together, the name disappears, and services specific to education are greatly expanded!


What can you count on us for?

Purchasing ICT

The right laptops, printers, touchscreens, telephony... infrastructure in your environment or via the cloud, your (wireless) network, tight security, licences... we offer it all!

Using ICT

You have the resources, but how do you use them to achieve your pedagogical goals? An ICT policy, well tailored to your pedagogical vision and teachers who also want work, are indispensable.

Managing ICT

Our experts can advise you on the most complex issues. They support you in the daily execution of management tasks or take them over completely. 

This can now be done via

...Unburdening and support from A-to-Z

From classrooms to meeting rooms to (t)homework... Setting up, managing and securing ICT is more complex than ever. VanRoey goes to extremes for you: We help with high-end security, servers & storage, wifi/networking, PCs, printing, video calling, telephony... In addition, you can count on a comprehensive package of Managed Services that allows you to hand over the management and maintenance of your IT environment to us carefree.


We have been selected as a partner for the tenders of DOKO (BYOD), KOBA (CTOUCH) and the Provincial schools. Would you like to use our services? Then you can explore the possibilities with us based on these tenders.

Want to put out to tender? Then we can inform you and you can decide which question to put to the market to shape the tender. We also have various connections with advisory parties regarding tenders. So do not hesitate to contact us Contact take.

What can we help you with?

Feel free to contact us for an exploratory discussion about the possibilities or tenders.

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