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Microsoft Teams

An all-in-one application tailored to the new way of working

Microsoft Teams is the new way of efficient collaboration and goes much further than chat or (video) conferencing alone.

Microsoft Teams | Vanroey.beThe days when employees had one job or belonged to just one workgroup are over. Teams allows you to work in a structured, centralized way and prevents an information overload!

Teams is so much more than a chat and video conferencing tool. Do you know all the built-in functionalities? Be surprised by numerous useful tips that further improve working (together)!

Online meetings with Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Office Teams and Teams Online you can chats, telephone or video calls with colleagues and external contacts - easier than ever!

Yes! You can make external phone calls with Microsoft Teams!

Telephony remains crucial when doing business: a missed call is an opportunity lost. With Office 365 and Teams, employees remain accessible. At the office, at home and on the road! We can set this up for you.

Teams offers PBX capabilities (Private Branch Exchange) and replaces on-premises PBX. In combination with direct routing or a call subscription . This way you have full call possibilities within Office 365.

It's possible to use your own telecom provider . This way it's easy to receive and make calls from any device (smartphones, tablets, PC’s, Macs...).

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Call anywhere locally with Teams:

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Our licensing specialist Ines Van Hoof takes a look at some smart savings using example scenarios.

Effortlessly organize Webinars with Teams Live Events

As an organizer of a Microsoft Teams Live Event Depending on your chosen role (Producer or Presenter) you can set up, share and moderate certain things during the webinar. 

The perfect collaboration platform

Working together seems easier than it is.

  • You're bombarded with emails, messages, phones from various platforms...
  • Documents and information are scattered everywhere and nowhere
  • Getting the right people together for a particular subject is a challenge.
  • The same questions are asked and answered over and over again
  • It's very hard to get a good overview of what's going on...

Teams tackles these challenges with an all-in-one portal that streamlines collaboration.

How does a Teams Channel work?

You can create as many ‘Teams’ as you like. Imagine starting a project to organize an event

  1. Assemble a Team and give it an appropriate name e.g. “Our Event”;
  2. Add files and folders you want to share with the members, relevant to the event;
  3. You add relevant things, e.g. a OneNote, a agenda, Planner, intranet or web pages...that the team will often need in relation to the project...

Now your project has one central discussion portal and everyone has the most up-to-date information available.

Done with documents and revisions by emailing in endless threats with everyone in cc, done with whatsapp groups, separate DropBox, Trello’s…

In addition, you can edit Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint...) together, either directly within Teams(!) or by opening them in the desktop app. This way, you prevent duplicate files with mismatching content.

Your ideal start portal

Your agenda, your planner, your OneNotes, dashboards and reportschats and telephony, contacts, your projects, your documents, SharePoint sites... and soon even Outlook. Everything is at your fingertips in one safe and managed program, within the Office 365 system.

Not only does it simplify, it also prevents colleagues from using so-called ‘Shadow IT(programs and services of which your IT department has no knowledge and/or management rights)

FAQ / Frequently asked questions

MS Teams is part of Office 365. The app bundles chat and videoconferencing tools with project-based file, communication and documentation management, combining and centralising the most common business tools.

You can immediately start using Microsoft Teams by using them for free. download .

For an organisation, however, it quickly shoots shortHowever, there is a good chance that you already have the correct version.

Teams are included in Office 365 Business and Office Enterprise E3 and E5 Office 365 Education and Developer also contain Teams.

We've written an extensive blog post about this that will help you understand the differences. You can read it here .

Yes. The possibilities here are very extensive. About this we have written a detailed blog post that you can here .

Want to know more about Teams?

Teams is conquering the business world. If you would like a demonstration or more information, we will be happy to help you!

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