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Purely Belgian: VanRoey.be & Sensolus join forces!

Ghent, 16 November 2021 - IT service provider VanRoey.be is joining forces with Ghent-based scale-up Sensolus, a specialist in tracking and IoT technology.

The logistics, industrial and construction sectors have every interest in knowing where valuable items such as containers, cranes or expensive instruments are located and - at least as important - for example how often they are used or what the lead time of a production process is.

Sensolus GPS tracker module Thanks to the easy-to-install trackers from Sensolus this valuable data is finally within reach. You can use it to identify logistical bottlenecks, measure usage, follow up suppliers, accurately inform customers or have it flow through to your ERP environment.

Karin Vermissen | VanRoey.be Karin Versmissen, Sales and Marketing Director at VanRoey.be, proudly explains the 100% Belgian partnership: "Using data to optimise operational processes? At VanRoey.be, we always get excited about that. People sometimes say: "Data is the new oil", but that's easier said than done. The trick is to collect relevant data in a simple way and present it clearly. And that is the real power of Sensolus.

Their cloud platform is just as easy to use as the installation of the trackers themselves. A digital illiterate can immediately get to work with it and provide valuable information. A container or crane that has been idle for too long? A part that arrived at the wrong location? Has the temperature in a trailer risen too much?... Everything comes to light and you can quickly take well-founded decisions or have automated flows started.

SensolusFilip Van Lancker, Head of Partnerships at Sensolus continues: "Our company was founded in 2013 by four IoT-enthusiasts, therefore we were looking for a partner who could further integrate and visualize our solution in the existing systems of the customer. Since VanRoey.be has been designing complex ERP environments for their customers for twenty years and is very strong in network solutions, among other things, we couldn't imagine a better partner.

Karin: "That's right. Thanks to an API, we can let data from the Sensolus platform flow through in existing Microsoft 365 and/or Dynamics 365 environments. This opens many doors to additional insights and automation. We can build interactive dashboards or have automated flows started when a tracker update is made. For example, a product sheet is adapted in your ERP, an employee or customer is informed, a stock or availability status is adapted... without you having to do anything.

In projects, we always aim to make life easier for you... Automation is an important asset here, and the fact that such trackers last 5 to 7 years on a single charge minimises maintenance and headaches. We immediately saw how this solution would be music to the ears of many of our customers.


For VanRoey.be this partnership is a complementary addition to their existing expertise. We have knowledge and experience of networks, security and ERP systems... Sensolus is an expert in connected asset management and digital supply chains. With more than 120.000 active trackers and customers like Airbus, AB Inbev and Atlas Copco, they are not in their prime.

New and existing customers of Sensolus or VanRoey.be benefit from our 'one stop shop' principle through the partnership. At VanRoey.be they already had one single point of contact for all their questions and support concerning ICT. From networks to servers, from security to digital workplace and ERP... and now digital asset tracking/management is added to that list.

Karin: "Organisations that do not know VanRoey.be yet or want to see how e.g. Sensolus works and integrates, we would like to invite you for a pre- or afternoon tour in our Experience Center in Geel. Here, in an informal, interactive environment, they come into contact with many smart solutions and can ask specific questions about their own challenges. That visit - like this partnership - usually means the start of something beautiful!

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"Automation is an important asset here, and the fact that such trackers last 5 to 7 years on a single charge minimises maintenance and headaches. "
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Michiel Raat, Business Development at Sensolus, explains the solution. This way you will discover how easy and useful it is to deploy GPS tracking in your organization!

Written by:

Karin Versmissen
Integration & Management coordinator

Karin has been a familiar face at VanRoey for many years. After HR Director (2010-2020) and Sales & Marketing Director (2020-2022), she is currently Integration & Management Coordinator

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