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Security Lab

Experience how the most complex cyber security attacks are repelled in a live environment

The Security Lab is a virtual environment that is permanently live and can be visited by appointment. A unique opportunity for a live experience to see how cyber security attacks work and how the most advanced security technologies respond. This is not a dry presentation or a boring presentation, this is a live demo, real-time, in our own environment. And accompanied by one of our Security Architects.

Who is this for?

Any company or organisation considering investing in network security is welcome to make a visit to our Security Lab.

A Security Architect will work with you and your team to analyse your current network environment and show you the recommended solutions for optimal security based on real-time demos.

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Security Lab demo?

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Step 1: Do you understand the challenges you face? For example:

How do you deal with incoming and suspicious e-mails?

Do you allow “Bring Your Own Device”, and how does this affect your security?

Do your IT administrators analyse all network activity adequately?

How do you protect your cloud solutions?

Step 2: Live demo of FortiFabric

As a Fortinet Platinum Partner, we strongly believe in the strength of FortiFabric

By opening up its security platform, Fortinet offers other technology partners the opportunity to integrate solutions and collaborate better. For you, this means your existing infrastructure will continue to work optimally without interference, and central management will become easier for you. Logically, in addition to solutions from other private labels such as Symantec, the Fortinet ecosystem is also central to our Security Lab:


identification and protection of the total digital attack surface


detection of the most advanced threats


response to threat and continuous trust assessment


Thanks to next-generation firewalls, Fortinet has grown into the market leader in network security. A classic firewall only permits access to data at port level. A FortiGate takes a layered approach, which means incoming traffic is extensively analysed before being blocked or enabled.


maps out your entire company network and provides you with the right tools to monitor this actively. Using log files and analyses, we can prevent problems early.


Fortinet has expanded its Security Fabric with FortiCASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) using a solution that offers optimal security and overview for complete SaaS environments. Implementation on platforms such as Office 365, Dropbox, SalesForce and Google Drive are all possible.


FortiClient, FortiGate and FortiMail log files are centralised into one convenient dashboard using FortiAnalyzer. The collection of this data results in more than 300 customisable reports for optimal operation and security of your network.


On average, 75% of all e-mail traffic is spam. To block malicious content and save users an abundance of unnecessary e-mails, an anti-spam filter is indispensable. FortiMail is the ideal solution because of its coherence with the entire ecosystem.


FortiSandbox is the heart of Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solution. Suspicious documents or e-mails are stopped until analysis shows the content to be harmless.


Without Network Access Control (NAC), an administrator has no control over the cable-connected devices. With FortiTelemetry, you can roll out a company policy in combination with a FortiGate, regardless of the switch brand.

FortiClient EMS

provides management of all your customers on one console, regardless of the operating system or regardless of location. A link to your Active Directory ensures you can roll out endpoint security easily.


No matter how strong your passwords are, the only way to prevent abuse of your login data is through multifactor authentication. FortiAuthenticator, combined with a FortiToken, ensures strong protection of your business data.

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