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VanRoey Structural Partner of the Talent Centre

At VanRoey, we strongly believe in the power of technology to better align education and the labour market. This is precisely why we have committed ourselves as a structural partner to the Talent Centre in Mechelen, an initiative dedicated to optimising young people's study choices through scientifically based methods.

Supporting Talent Discovery

Talent centre, initiated by Voka, the Flemish network of enterprises, plays a crucial role in closing the gap between education and the labour market. Every year, thousands of young people face the difficult task of choosing a field of study that does not always match their true potential or interest. It offers these young people a science-based approach to discovering their talents and thereby making a more informed choice of study.

The Talent Centre in Mechelen, one of now seven centres spread across Flanders, is located in Technopolis. The epicentre for science and technology offers an inspiring environment where young people can discover and develop their talents. This makes it an ideal location for the Talent Centre, which helps young people make science-based choices for their future.

With the support of VanRoey

As a technology company, VanRoey is committed to contributing to the communities in which we operate. Our donation of 26 HP ProBooks to the Talent Centre Mechelen is a direct investment in the future of our youth. These laptops are used in the Talent Centres to help young people identify their personal talents and interests through advanced tests developed by Ghent University. These tools enable them to make a more thoughtful choice for their future fields of study and careers.

The tests consist of about 10 items that students (aged 12 to 14) spend about two hours with. They include a VR game that analyses technical understanding, as well as motor tests and language and maths tests.

Talent Centre Example Result
After completing the tests and trials, students receive a report. This report provides an overview of different fields of study that fit his or her capabilities.

Also Flemish support

Ben Weyts, Flemish Minister of Education, earlier expressed his support for the creation of the Talent Centre in Mechelen and made 130,000 euros available. Minister Weyts supports the view that a well-considered choice of study is essential for children's development. "By helping young people on the right path early on, they can discover and develop their talents faster, leading to greater well-being," Weyts stated. "At the same time, we continue to invest in making technical and vocational education further attractive."

"The Talent Centre plays a crucial role in closing the gap between education and the labour market."

Written by:

Tom Hufkens
Marketing Manager at VanRoey

A familiar face at VanRoey for 15 years. Literally and figuratively: because of his role as Marketing Manager, he is regularly at the centre of our communication. He regularly shares his experiences of new marketing methods during workshops & events.

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