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Wrap up 2021: these were your top hits

2021 started with a huge bang, we hoped to see each other again in the flesh. We had to wait a while to get back to real networking, but it was worth it! In total we organized no less than 41 online events and 34 physical events. events To inspire you.

It was also the year of changes and new challenges for us: the makeover of our Experience Center, the start of work on our energy-neutral and smart office building Kempus, more than 30 new colleagues, the launch of our brand new B2B webstore and the chapter of our physical shop was closed. All this with, as icing on the cake, our recognition as Great Place To Work!

Five top hits

And whether your hunger for knowledge and information was satisfied! With nearly half a million pages visited on our site, we are happy to share your top five:

1. HP Business Notebooks

Hybrid working requires high-performance notebooks. Everyone wants to be productive everywhere - read home and office. No wonder you've found your way to our business HP laptops. From workstation to 2-in-1 tablet/convertible, choose from devices selected one by one for quality.

  Choose an HP laptop that's right for you.

2. Microsoft Teams

Like 2020, 2021 was the year of Microsoft Teams. Numerous new features were rapidly rolled out to make collaboration and meetings even better. Teams has become the showpiece within the Microsoft 365 Suite. Reasons enough to zoom in on the possibilities, or get started with our 12 tips to make meetings even more interesting & efficient.

  Also discover our meeting tools.

3. SharePoint Online

Technology is best when it brings people together. Perfect communication doesn't happen by itself, so you have to invest in using the right tools and apps. When you think of good communication with colleagues, you probably immediately think of Teams, but did you know that the underlying SharePoint creates sites? By using SharePoint in the right way, you can make important data and files available centrally and automate complex workflows. Do you want more involvement and engagement from your colleagues? Then a SharePoint hub site is highly recommended.

  The benefits of Microsoft SharePoint.

4. Security Awareness

Cyber attacks have increased by no less than 66% in the past year, and with colleagues working from home you don't always have insight into their digital behavior. Nevertheless, you can guide and train them by investing in a Awareness Training. You were eagerly looking for answers on how to prevent phishing within your organization. But the key question remains: how high is Security Awareness on your agenda this year?

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5. Managed IT Services.

Managed Services, perhaps better known as IT outsourcing, also continued to captivate you in 2021. Like any organization, you did have to deal with staff downtime due to Corona. Which means that you may not have been able to call on your own IT person or IT department at all times as a result. This, in combination with the increase in security threats, makes it not illogical that Managed Services rounded off your top 5! After all, you can choose what you want to outsource. This way you can outsource all or part of the maintenance and management of your environment.

  Why outsource?

In short 2021 was a year to say YOU! Thanks & stay tuned in 2022 by following us on social or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

"Technology is best when it brings people together"

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