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Preferred Touch Partner Plus
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CTOUCH facilitates efficient working and clear communication through the application of touchscreen technology. It offers impressive touchscreen screens that allow you to significantly optimise your workflow during meetings and informal collaborations.

The smart CTOUCH screens are used in a similar way to your smartphone. They just show much more information on one screen, allowing for smooth interaction between people on the shop floor. We use CTOUCH screens with clients where group communication is very important in day-to-day operations.

CTOUCH large-format displays offer the best-in-class interactive touchscreen experience. Its software and hardware is future-proof and qualitatively built to make meetings more productive.

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Impress your company with a gigantic touchscreen that is connected to your Office 365 environment!
In this CTOUCH Riva training video we cover many basic functionalities, UboardMate 2, UboardMate CC, EShare and many other tools!

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