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Digitalisation in rapid succession

The modern workplace, innovative meeting tools, intelligent networking, smarter collaboration... Immerse yourself in the best that today's technology has to offer and discover how you can use these tools in your organisation!

"Work smarter, not harder"
Or as we say in the Kempen: "Good stuff is half the work".

In our Experience Center you won't find a futuristic fiction of what would can come, but an active and interactive presentation of future-proof technology that eases work, for democratic prices. What to expect:

Hybrid meetings
Digital telephony

Hybrid Meetings & Telephony

The modern workplace

The perfect office
Newest technology
In & outdoor Tracking
Network & Security

Connectivity & Security

Centralize data &
optimize processes

Data as a tool
Automate and build apps without code

Experience Center Geel

Also schools are welcome to attend a (shortened) tour with their students!
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Map VanRoey Experience Center

Your event or hybrid meeting in our Experience Center?

In short, the ideal location to meet with colleagues, customers or relations to meet, inspire and/or organize something nice! You can find our contact details in the brochure.

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Progress in the digital workplace often goes hand in hand with resistance - with our User Adoption Plan you can turn this into enthusiasm!
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