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Dynamics 365 For Construction & Installation

From calculation to invoicing

Our practical solution for construction & installation companies that supports you in all your daily administrative and logistic tasks. One suite that covers the entire project follow-up.

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Construction & installation companies

  • Fast and accurate computation using imported Excel measurement records and standard tasks,
  • Suitable for private and public procurement,
  • Flexible management of your project with the possibility to enter more and less work during execution,
  • Extended purchase module with price comparison,
  • Progress states with automatic indexing,
  • Integrated hourly registration with mobility allowance.

Construction companies

  • Extended follow-up of (sub)contractors, architectsother costs incurred and planned
  • Centralized and electronic management of your projects and documents.
  • Ease of use and integration with Microsoft Office.


Electronic management of your documents Facilitate monitoring In addition, documents lying around are a thing of the past.


Quickly work out "what if scenarios". The calculator -with extensive error checking– gives at all times foresight in total cost and selling price with details of purchase, processing and under contract.


If you want to compare prices of quotations, no problem: With the advanced price comparison module you can closely monitor and compare all prices both during the quotation phase and during execution.


Determine your own sales prices and enter unlimited settlements 'in More' and 'in Min' throughout the entire project process. Dynamics 365 For Construction & Installation also supports progress states with approval status.

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in compliance with legal obligations

Dynamics 365 for Construction & Installation was developed by and with specialists from the sector and takes into account all requirements!

Impressive printing capabilities

All of the above can be done with a single click, very clear and in accordance with the applicable industry standards present on paper.

Print also lost states Regulatory compliance and comprehensive project overviews with advanced insight into costs, revenues and budget.


Working hours can be entered per project in a simple way, with indication of project, type of work, overtime and mobility bonus.

You have powerful summary possibilities Absences are also noted within the solution.

From the Cloud

After the configuration tailored to your company, you are up and running and you pay a running fee per month. Of course, this also includes the security and backup of your data is included.

Investment budgets and risks associated with the loss of your critical data are thus a thing of the past.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

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Dynamics 365 add-ons

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be
VanRoey.be is Certified for Dynamics NAV

Dynamics 365
for Real Estate

Covers the entire load for project developers: from feasibility study to invoicing, project calculations, feasibility calculations, budgets, quota calculation, follow-up of progress reports & invoicing according to the Breyne Act.

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Dynamics 365 for
Construction & Installation

A practical solution for construction and installation companies that supports you in all administrative and logistical matters. Developed by and with specialists from the sector to fully meet your needs.

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Dynamics 365 For Talent

Optimizes and streamlines your recruitment process, the first months of work and the retention policy. Lightens your HR administration and ensures that team leads can take work off HR hands, resulting in happy employees!

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Dynamics 365
Business Central

Connect finance, sales, service and operations. Automate & secure your supply chain so you sell smarter, with improved customer service and keep projects on track/with budget! All this within one solution.

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Dynamics 365
Project Service Automation

Get the most out of your projects: Predict project profitability, optimize your resources and manage projects with confidence. Your service professionals can deliver their work using intuitive and collaborative tools.

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Dynamics 365
for Sales

Increase vendor productivity with seamless tools and promote the right relationships with CRM. Intelligent sales processes that guide vendors to optimal results. Sales smarter with insights and reasoned customer contacts.

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Dynamics 365
For Field Service

Innovate in your service experience, on the one hand by proactively detecting and solving problems so that a technician is sent only when needed, and on the other hand by providing customers with self-service portals, proactive updates and technician tracking.

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Dynamics 365
For Marketing

Turn unknown visitors into known leads, hot prospects and everything in between in this all-in-one marketing automation solution. Conduct well thought-out multi-channel remarketing campaigns to attract and keep leads.

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Dynamics 365
Customer Service

Earn loyalty with personal customer service. Use virtual assistant bots to help customers quickly and efficiently. Improve service experiences through feedback on direct surveys, discussion forums and social listening.

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