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Tame the Teams proliferation thanks to approval flows

Recognizable? Colleague Kaat from HR emails you that she has can't see the wood for the trees within Teams. Numerous teams have been created and all of them have almost the same name, with numerous channels underneath. This wild growth problem is for you, as an admin of a Office 365 environmentperhaps not unprecedented. How would you prevent this from happening, without your Microsoft Teams users having to sacrifice their freedom?

If you want to keep everyone motivated to Teams then it is not an option to completely block the creation of teams for users. That leaves only two options on the subject of that do not (fully) restrict the rights of your users when it comes to creating Teams groups or channels:

  1. You don't block the creation of groups and channels. With as logical result proliferation within your Microsoft Teams. Your current situation unless you've chosen to close everything for your users.
  2. You focus on approval flows and keep your finger on the pulse. This applies from creation to naming. You keep the overview and can even detect non-active teams/groups.

Does option 2 sound like music to your ears? In this blog you will discover how you can easily set up approval streams thanks to GroupMGR. With the icing on the cake, the Approvals are managed from within Teams!

Approval flows & approvals

GroupMGR LogoUsing GroupMGR, you can, as an admin Set up your own approval flows, which are always run through when creating a new team within MS Teams or new SharePoint team sites. For example, you can set up multiple flows based on the type of team or group. Think of a customer group, project group, department group, product team, etc...

The moment a new team is created, an approval flow starts behind it in Power Automate. As an admin you will get a notification of the new application. This thanks to the New integrated feature 'Approvals. Super convenient! You can find all your approval requests (past + present) in one overview. This looks as follows:

As soon as you approve or reject the request, the applicant will receive a confirmation or rejection by email. He/she can then get started with his/her new team or SharePoint team site.

Detect inactive teams & SharePoint sites

Initially, new teams or SharePoint sites are used intensively, but after a few months the fire may have died out. What do you do if such a group has not been used for over 3 months? It is hopeless to detect them manually.

Using GroupMGR and Power Automate can you do this as an admin automatically. An automated mail is sent to the administrator of the relevant inactive teams or SharePoint sites asking whether they should remain active or be archived.

Does the requester/owner choose to keep the teams or SharePoint site(s) active? Then the requester is asked to generate activity within a number of days (this can be set freely). If not, the channel will still be archived by GroupMGR. This way every team or SharePoint site follows a logical life cycle, you prevent proliferation and you keep the overview in an automated way within your environment.

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"Initially, new Teams or SharePoint sites are used intensively, but after a few months the fire has died out. What do you do if such a group has not been used for over 3 months? It's hopeless to detect these manually."
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Written by:

Pol Van Dingenen
Business Consultant

Joined VanRoey.be in 2017 as Business Consultant SharePoint and Office 365, with a focus on Functional Analysis and User Adoption.

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