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VanRoey.be has been a top level partner of Fortinet from the very beginning! Fortinet Expert Partner

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Fortinet Expert Partner | VanRoey.be
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What vulnerabilities does a hacker currently see about your company? You'll find out here!
Take a close look at your organisation's security with a comprehensive IT Security Audit by our specialists....
For constantly strict controls and explicitly grant rights instead of taking them away. Trust no-one!
As a Fortinet Platinum Partner, VanRoey.be is the right place for you to be advised and supported about the rock-solid Fortinet Security Fabric.
Check all the data coming in... and going out. The Fortinet Fortigate may be the best firewall an organization can have.
What is Operational Technology (OT) and how does it differ from IT? What are the challenges in protecting industrial environments? Lars Putteneers from Fortinet explains it in great detail!
What cybersecurity measures is your organization taking? This checklist of no less than 154 CIS Controls is an ideal guide for any CIO.
We explain what the Fortinet Security Fabric is, and why it is so important in the current climate of digital transformation.

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Regardless of your challenge(s), feel free to write to us with your open questions.
From specific support until complete carefree service... In an open conversation we will look at all possibilities. See you then!

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