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Flanders Make & VanRoey.be: innovation and ICT go hand in hand

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Flanders Make opted to do most of the ICT management itself, supplemented by the professional knowledge of VanRoey.be.
Flanders Make Logo

There is no doubt that Flanders Make occupies an important position in the innovative sector. The strategic research centre is active all over the world and the figures speak for themselves: with some 500 employees, approximately 45 million euros is generated. The company operates from two offices: Leuven and Lommel, and it also has structurally linked activities at all Flemish universities.

In order to ensure optimal internal communication between both sites, one can count on ICT support from VanRoey.be. "VanRoey.be knows our needs and requirements and responds to them in a professional manner", says Dirk Torfs, CEO of Flanders Make.

Within the operation of Flanders Make, the IT infrastructure is indispensable, both for external communication and internally with the employees: "In the past, communication between our two sites took place separately, but since we work more closely with people who are active from different locations and exchange a great deal of data, it was still important that this connection was facilitated and, moreover, that it would be safe.

Dynamic and transparent partner

As Flanders Make vzw is bound by public procurement legislation, it launched a project on IT infrastructure support about three years ago: "We opted to do most of our ICT management ourselves, supplemented by the professional knowledge of an external partner, a conscious choice, because thanks to a limited team from our own ranks that takes care of the coordination and the extra support from another party, we can do everything in a controlled way.

Many parties signed up for this project, including VanRoey.be. "According to a number of licensing criteria, we made our decision. The price/quality ratio was particularly important, and the solution offered by VanRoey.be proved to be the best. Thanks to the cooperation, we can now count on secure communication via the cloud.

Together a visionary

Three years later, Flanders Make is still looking back on a positive collaboration: "We receive the necessary support from VanRoey.be. Through their Managed Services, they monitor capacity and availability, so that they are immediately informed in the event of a critical event and can respond quickly to the demand. If there are any additional questions about new technology, they answer them adequately and clearly, and at least every six months we hold a meeting with a VanRoey.be Service Manager, during which we look at the critical points and decide together on the direction to go in. After three years, VanRoey.be knows better than anyone else how to monitor our capacity and availability.

A while ago, for example, the delivery of a few laptops went wrong, but VanRoey.be did not hesitate to bring the supplier of the laptops to the table. After a very open and transparent communication, everything was clarified and we were able to continue. VanRoey.be also scores excellent points in terms of project planning and thinking about the future. It is this dynamism and drive that we are always looking for in a partner, and VanRoey.be continues to provide support for our ICT-related matters.

Strong base

In addition to the offices in Leuven and Lommel, Flanders Make currently has a third location in mind: Kortrijk: "The environment there is characterised by production-oriented companies, with which we have a strong connection. Moreover, local anchoring is very important to us and a new office in Kortrijk is a logical next step; an extra location also means that our internal communication has to run extra smoothly. With VanRoey.be, we are assured that this is in good hands."

About Flanders Make

Flanders Make is the strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry, whose aim is to create a research network in which manufacturing companies (large and small) can find support for their innovation projects, thus contributing to new products and production processes in order to realise the vehicles, machines and factories of the future. In addition to building up knowledge, we also share our results with the sector, so that innovation followers can also take the step to Industry 4.0, thus stimulating competitiveness and creating added value.

VanRoey.be also scores excellent points with regard to project planning and thinking about the future. It is this dynamism and drive that we are always looking for in a partner, and for our ICT-related matters, VanRoey.be continues to show itself to be superior.”
Dirk Torfs
CEO Flanders Make
Dirk Torfs CEO Flanders Make

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